Sunday, October 14, 2007


I don't know why it took me so long to realize that my youngest son should begin taking some "real" art lessons. I have known for quite some time the potential lurking, but school, homework, tutoring, soccer, tae kwon do and the fact that he is an extremely social creature seemed to overshadow the need and desire for something different here. However, he simply would not stop drawing. Hello? I noticed that he would often draw to express something he could not describe perfectly to me. And how easily he would do this! Occasionally we play the game Pictionary as a family and we battle over who "gets" him on their team. Not to mention the random art coming home from school, the google sketch-up designs he does in his spare time, the "animation" he constantly does with post-it note pads, the cartoons drawn everywhere on his homework and folders, and the sheer joy this brings him. Once, with some kind of on-line program, he drew a "new and improved" backyard plan like a budding architect, complete with a putting green, climbing tree, and hammock (he wanted to add a pool with a slide and swim-up "bar" but I told him there was no space (let alone financing) to consider that one for now. Yesterday he produced this dog pictured above. I love all the different kinds of art he creates, but he was more proud of this one than usual because he "got the shading right." He seems to be progressing the in the right direction from what I can tell (knowing nothing about art) and more importantly is enjoying the process immensely. It's as if a little seed was planted by God....and with watering and nurturing it could become a mighty tree!


  1. He's really talented! Great job, "Stephanie's Son"!

  2. He's very gifted!!! He reminds me of my son, Jason. The boy ALWAYS carried around a notebook so he could draw. He did some amazing stuff. He's still very creative. Definitely encourage that in your son! What a gift!!!


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