Monday, October 8, 2007


Well I have to say it. I am disgusted. In 2004, Germany's Nina Craft gave up her Ironman Championship (Kona) title after admitting to taking EPO. And then the Tour de France this year?!?!?!? What a JOKE! Are any of those cycling dudes clean any more? And now this with Marion Jones. Given the drive, genetics and all else that made her a speed queen sprinter BEFORE she ever trained for the Olympics the only question left is "why?"
I have raced two Ironman triathlons and in both I noticed athletes cutting the swim short. I don't know if they were disqualified or not, but the first time I witnessed this all I could think of was "Dang! I have trained my heart out for this race and I plan to cover every INCH of it to the finish line fair and square!!!!" WHY would you cheat in an endurance event like that? Why take a short-cut?
Another big question I have concerns what one is willing to endure, side effect wise, for some potential "win." To me there is nothing more appalling than that dreadful Mr. Olympia look...some guy packed to the gills with steroids who has completely ruined his body and likely his true masculinity and normal hormone regulation for...THAT? Are there no regulations on this kind of thing? What happens to them years later? What about pro baseball and football players? Is it just assumed that these guys use some kind of gear so that they are more powerful? What happened to doing the best with what God has given you? I suppose my thinking is quaint by today's standards.
I do feel sad for Marion. I hope that this admission brings some good to sports somehow and some forgiveness. But somehow I hear the same song down the road yet again...only it just keeps getting louder.

What is right and good and true is still all there, though. One only needs to listen a little harder.

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  1. I don't understand this either. Don't athletes nowadays realize that they're going to be tested someday??

    What a shame...


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