Thursday, October 25, 2007

My visit to Florida and returning home to fires...

What a week it has been! I think the most significant event for me was flying into the Orange County airport on Monday night after my visit to Florida and seeing at least eight horrible raging orange fires below. One could see traffic backed up on major roads coming out of San Diego. I had the random thought that, had it not been for my family, I would prefer the pilot continue on to Hawaii. So far, there have been 18 fires in SoCal and almost a million people forced to evacuate. In my own area, three fires were set by an arsonist amidst Santa Ana winds during which gusts were clocked at 80mph. I cannot imagine the evil in such a person. On Monday, two of the schools were closed near our house and our air quality conditions are horrid. Ash is covering our front lawn and I am barely letting the dog out, let alone my children! Please pray that these fires are controlled very soon. I keep praying for RAIN. The winds have died down which has helped significantly.

Onto the fun news! Earlier this week, I took a quick trip to Orlando to see my longtime triathlete friend, Aylin. Aylin is at the beginning of chemo and something in my heart made me want to see her and spend some time with her so off I went! She and her family were so gracious and I am impressed at how strong she is and how well she is doing. I am sure that doing repeated Ironman triathlons has helped and I feel very confident that she will kick this cancer in the butt! We had a lot of fun eating, talking, and temporarily taking in a stray little dog that she later arranged a caring home for. What a wonderful gal she is! I am so glad I made the trip.

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