Sunday, October 7, 2007


Time for a blog! I have been writing in a journal for years and years, and very much enjoy the process of writing. There is a fair amount of writing in my job as a school psychologist, and I do believe I am one of the rare psych's that enjoys that aspect of the job more than anything else! This year I have a new job within the same district and I am finding I am on quite a learning curve. Having worked in this field for 20+ years, it has been exciting to feel a bit like a newbie. My hope is to use this blog to organize my thoughts and to help document life some.

As far as personal information, I have been blessed with a loyal, cute and hard-working husband and two *busy* boys, ages 11 and 14 (say a prayer for me). I have a somewhat stressful life at times, but it is always very rich and full. Addicted to cardio, I have been a triathlete for six years, although I am losing my interest in swimming lately. Cycling will always be a passion for me and huge stress reliever, and I am recently learning more about strength training.

My youngest son is emerging from a required tub soaking after his Boy Scout camping weekend. I decided to bake cranberry bread for him as well for as my hubby and older son who are currently hiking. Time for the mom role now! :)


  1. Stephanie...the blog looks great!!! How super to see another picture of you! (I saw your baptism pictures, I believe) You are a gorgeous gal!

  2. Jonathon's art work is impressive. Love the dog.


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