Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Triathlete again?

It has been two years since I have done any racing! I really felt that, after 5 years of racing....22 triathlons (including 2 IronMan races), 15 half-marathons and a stand-alone marathon...I was truly done. I just did NOT want to swim endless laps in the pool and train the run hard anymore with my left knee constantly acting up unhappily. But this summer I began riding my racing bike again...mainly to help another friend train for a century ride and to keep her company and help her feel safe. However, a funny thing happened. I began to really, really enjoy myself for the first time in what felt like FOREVER. Real, true, simple JOY. And so the seed was planted and I realized that I am still a strong cyclist with some oomph left in me after all. Then the idea of racing a short distance triathlon would not go away! I did fight it, but I finally found myself searching for a late season race that I could possibly enter. :) The only problem was that the only race that had room, was reasonably close to home and that worked with my family life was SOON...very soon...like 4 weeks away soon. Let's see........no swim training, no run training, but I can still ride a bike.......was that good enough? Well, it will have to be because I went ahead and signed up. The race is in a month and I did my FIRST SWIM IN 2 YEARS TODAY!!!! This ought to be a most interesting ride. :)


  1. Keeping you in prayer sweetie! I am so proud of you!

  2. Yea Steph!!! Way to go girl!


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