Monday, October 13, 2008


I think since I have joined Facebook, I have barely posted anything on my blog! Well, here is a quick update:

I did race the Long Beach Triathlon and amazingly took second place for my age group! It was nice to know that I can still do a triathlon after two years off. The race was tough for me with only about a month of training, but I managed to post the same time as two years prior, when I was much fitter. I think this one was all mental. :)

Jay loves OCHSA and is doing well. The teachers are phenomenal and the work is so much more creative than that given in the typical public schools around here. He is enjoying his art classes as well. Here are a couple of recent sketches:

Stephen is enjoying some aspects of his freshman year of high school, but his school is quite demanding (to put it mildly...let's just say that college will be a breeze!). He sings with an awesome men's choir of 85 guys and they are wonderful! Their next concert is on my birthday and I am very excited to hear them!!!
With hubby traveling a lot and having a new school schedule to get Jay to his art school everyday, time for exercise has been much reduced. Unfortunately, I did not really adjust my diet to the lesser caloric demands and now I am feeling even pudgier than I was a few months back. I told my girlfriend Barb today that I would post a new training and nutrition plan for her to give me some encouragement on! I need it....and here we are heading into the holidays very soon........which is this household seem to stretch from early Halloween until well beyond the New Year. Time to get busy. Hopefully there will be improvement by the next time I post!!!

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