Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Writer Writes

So here we go! It has been forever since I have updated this blog. The past several months have been filled with life's ups and downs....several downs, but I am in a good place right now (although there is a little extra of me).

I am stealing the Simple Woman's Daybook idea from MaryBeth Whalen simply to get myself started here. Here goes:

Outside my window... A blistering hot day. The AC unit in the backyard is blowing the honeysuckle covering it's little wooden enclosure thing.

From the learning rooms...My own growth is taking precedence over the kids' right now since they are entrenched in summer break. I am finishing up a Women's Bible Study on Virtue that has spoken to my heart. It will be over in another week and I have to admit I'd like it to continue forever!

I am thankful for... some time to myself on the days Jay sees his tutor
From the kitchen...Dinner tonight will be salad, grilled buffalo burgers (without buns), broccoli, and rice. Plus a hard boiled egg or two for my vegetarian son who won't go near anything called a burger.

I am wearing...jeans, sandals, and a very cute shirt I bought for $4.80 at a HUGE sale. Plus a Cookie Lee necklace. :)

I am of those Stephanie Plum mysteries, after just finishing Confessions of a Shopaholic. I NEVER read fiction, but have managed to read at least 7 novels this summer....very unlike me. :)

I am praying...for my husband and kids daily.

Around the house...the afternoons seem wonderfully quiet. I have been organizing closets and financial papers since I have time off of work right now.

One of my favorite, always, coffee. :)

A few plans for the rest of the tonight, a movie with my pal Barb tomorrow night, volunteer shift at Stephen's swim meet Saturday (plus pilates and church), and Sunday I would like to talk hubby into some serious gardening in the backyard with me!
That's it for now!

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  1. I came by to say thanks for that really nice comment you just left! It's was a hard thing to do but once I found the way to change my way of thinking and enjoy the moment my life is in right now it made a huge difference in my happiness level. I'm still a big time dreamer and I think daily about my dream home but I appreciate all that I do have now.


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