Sunday, November 1, 2009

I love November. Why? Well, it is the month of my birthday. It's the month of Rich's birthday (he is one year and 2 days older than I!). It is a time to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas, two of my absolute favorite times of the year. For me, these holidays are all about what is Really Important. I am proud to be a Christian.
Of course, I also really love all the decorating that will happen, not to mention the baking! This year, I will focus more on the decorating and less on the baking, however! Any baking I do needs to be beautifully packaged up and given away.
I am anxious for our SoCal weather to get cooler. We don't really have fall until December around here and the heat gets....well, boring after a while. Not that I am complaining, having lived in 7 different states with all types of climates going on! But a crisp, cool, fall day with leaves changing color and falling around me as I walk outside (note...NOT on a treadmill) is definitely in order about now. :)


  1. Hi there
    Well I couldn't follow you because I don't see that option but I will be back.
    You are new to blogging...welcome.
    We're having some very nice weather today in the 60s considering we had some hail and snow showers for a bit last week!
    Enjoy your weather

  2. Regarding your comment. Vintage and Vogue is open every day so I'm sure they will be open that week. I think they did have a sale last year, if I remember correctly!

    I love your paperwhites! I just planted some last week.

  3. i too missed the cool - cold weather when we lived in GA. sweet blog!


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