Saturday, January 2, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christmas was a nice celebration for me this year. My husband, kids and I attended an evening church service at Saddleback Church on Christmas Eve, followed by a very fun dinner out at the Olde Shipe, a British style restaurant and pub which was fabulously decorated for the occasion (complete with party favors). The food was a bit unusual for the kids since it is completely authentic, but they enjoyed it almost as much as my husband and I. Following a relaxed Christmas at our home the next day, we drove to northern California to see my parents and sisters and then went on to lovely Carmel for 2 very short days. It was absolutely gorgeous there. While in NorCal, I had lunch with two of my very dear high school friends. More of that needs to happen! :)

But on to the New Year and a new decade! My goals for this year are Nutrition, Organization and FUN. These are family goals. I cannot say how nice it is to not have this looming New Year's Resolution hanging over my head of "I need to lose X pounds....blah, blah." This year I am in good shape in that department (YAY), although I have to be very careful since I have this annoying love of baking. :) When I reach my goal weight (should be soon) I need to post what I have done to achieve this feat. :) I am always encouraged when I read about how someone has lost weight, particularly when they are in the over 40 category!

Yesterday we took the tree and all the Christmas decorations down and I just got on a roll and started moving and rearranging furniture. I have NEVER liked my living room furniture, color scheme or art very much, having inherited quite a bit of it from Rich's family, and the room is a bit awkward with a piano taking over precious wall space. Our house is a very open concept (leaving little privacy or silence) but, what it lacks in coziness it makes up for in visual freedom and expansiveness. By the end of yesterday, I had coerced my husband into moving some art and shopped the house for new accessories and viola! A change was made. I will post pictures later. It's not hugely exciting, but it doesn't take much for me to get excited about "house stuff."

Once the living room looked vastly improved (having spent not one dime!), I set about replanting one of the flower beds in the front, where some flowers and small bushes had died when we had our house tented 2 weeks ago. For 35 bucks and a lot of elbow grease, I transplanted some other items, and added to them and it now looks so much happier. I am convinced that gardening can make one feel like a miracle worker at times.

I also made homemade turkey soup yesterday. I don't know how I fit that in! Finally, my husband took me to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie and for coffee. We both really enjoyed it. Robert Downey Jr is amazing in the role!

So that is my New Year update. I hope to write more this year, although doing it as a daily task seems a bit daunting, particularly when I have psychological reports, mental health referrals and counseling goals and planning to attend to. But I do love it. Other than my love for people (especially those of the nice, kind variety), some loves that have been constant for me are cycling, dogs, music, decorating, gardening, and..........writing.

HAPPY 2010!


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