Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I think about Plan B a lot. Life is Plan B....Plan B is what happens to you while you are desperately working on Plan A. Marilu Henner puts this well: "The key to your life is how you deal with Plan B. You can aim for Plan A. You can arrange for Plan A. But "Plan B" is what actually happens to you. It's your resilience in being able to roll with the punches and move on to Plan B that really makes your life."

Though they might seem trivial and unimportant, here are a few blessings in my current life that have resulted from Plan B:

PLAN B currently has me going to LA Fitness INSTEAD of the beautiful Sports Club/LA, which is further from home. The Blessing in this is that, as a result of this change, I have lost 15 pounds because I am now at a gym consistently.

PLAN B is living in a cookie-cutter late 1970's and quite architecturally boring house INSTEAD of my dream cottage with all it's unique vintage charm and of course, an ocean view. The Blessing of this has been that our affordable house has enabled me to work part-time so that I can be home more with our kids. We have also been able to afford home improvements and changes that we might otherwise not have. I have grown to appreciate all that the house has done for my family...shelter, comfort, a nice location, safety, and even some beauty here and there. :)

PLAN B was a different Junior High School for my younger son, when I sadly realized that the award-winning neighborhood school would not be a good fit for him. The Blessing was that he took a risk, auditioned for the School of the Arts, and was accepted into the Visual Arts Conservatory, where he has been thriving and is surrounded by creative souls.

PLAN B is thinking of options for my precious older son that might not include Plan A, which is sending him off to attend a 4 year college. PLAN B is putting my own agenda and selfish goals aside for my child and being happy that he is happy. I've come a long way on this one!!!

I thank God for Plan B. B is for BLESSINGS.



  1. I love this post Steph! What an answer to prayers for your artist son. I was so glad to read he is thriving! Woohoo!

  2. I love all the wonderful places in life that I never thought I would be...B.


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