Thursday, May 20, 2010


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Oh I have been busy! Working a 60% contract as a school psychologist and attending design school two days a week has been tougher than I had thought. Meanwhile, I am continually reminded that I am a mother to two boys (both in awkward life stages) as well as a wife. There's laundry to do, bills to pay, cooking to get done, and (continually) a kitchen to clean. Exercise, once an area of intense passion, has pathetically become near obsolete. When I do exercise (I have just returned from the pool!), I am reminded of how frightful my fitness has become compared to not-so-long ago. Ah well.

One nice thing about being a school psychologist is that SUMMERS are OFF!!! Oh it is a HUGE perk!!! I will be in school this summer, but it will afford me a bit more time to exercise and take care of things that have been diet (won't talk about that one right now...).

For my BIG design project this quarter, I was given a floor plan and a random color by the instructor and I am required to use that color in 20% of my design. Today we worked on possible floor plans after completely tracing the blueprint given to us. Let me tell you....this is much harder than it sounds!! There needs to be 36 inches of clearance, a maximum of 24 inches from the furthest point of seating to coffee table, a minimum of 18 inches in between seating and coffee table, etc. My furniture arrangements were just not fitting within these criteria too nicely, but I will get there. I am on a HUGE learning curve. Many students have an art background, I do not. I merely know what I like. :)

So next week we need an inspiration piece for the room. My color is called Frozen Wave....and I am designing this house for a writer. I found this beautiful Roger Muhl painting that will be perfect inspiration for the space. I was freaking out about my color "selection" because there was almost too much I could do with it....very bold/modern, French Country, seaside shabby chic, and so on. But I am actually going with traditional. Go me! I finally made a decision.

So I start with the inspiration piece. We will see how I do!

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