Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stormy Sunday

This was a rare weekend with nothing pressing and I really needed it! 

Today was a stormy Sunday.  I slept in a bit, drank fabulous coffee brewed by my eldest son, and then set out for a long walk with him under cool, cloudy skies.  Just as we made it back to the house, the raindrops began to fall.  I took the opportunity to clean out my (disaster of a ) closet while listening to our church service online.  The message was all about fear and it was perfect timing since I had had a week of worry and migraine headaches.  Today I felt fabulous, though!

My closet is spotless and has made me realize how much clothing I truly own.  Excess and waste bother me, and I bagged up several large bags and took them immediately to the Goodwill Donation center nearby.

In the afternoon, with the rain falling more intensely, my husband and I drove to our favorite harbor.  It was raining and the skies looked a lot like this:

We walked a little but it was cold.  Ultimately, we ended up stopping for this: 

It was fun watching all kinds of pelicans dive-bomb for their own snack in the harbor from our window.

Came home and took a glorious nap before embarking on some cleaning and cooking.
Sometimes a cold, rainy afternoon is just what the doctor ordered!  



  1. my favorite kind of day!
    i cannot even begin to rattle the ways in which i detest the sunny/warm weather in winter....

    like wearing white to a wedding....

  2. Sweet Katie! Nice to know at least one person is reading my ramblings....XO


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