Monday, February 28, 2011

Signs of Spring

We have had some amazingly beautiful, clear days here in SoCal recently, complete with snow-covered mountains in the backdrop.  However, despite the cold, signs are spring are here:

Potted dafodils beginning to bloom...


The first blooming of geraniums (they act like a perennial here)...

Beautiful and fragrant lavender...

A few potted herbs...

I took down the February hearts and hung up my spring wreath, too, which I love against the black front door:

Wishing you warm thoughts of Spring!

Blessings, Steph.


  1. How beautiful!!! All the flowers are really pretty and its refreshing to see in the midst of snow all around me! :)

    Thanks for Linking up, I hope you can next week too.

    ~Sarah beth~

  2. Thank you for stopping by Sarah beth! Snow can be beautiful, too. :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I am so ready for spring!!

    I stopped by from Women Living Well blog hop!

  4. Thanks Heather! I need to improve my very "green" photography "skills," but it is hard to go wrong with flowers. :D


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