Monday, March 28, 2011

Romantic Prairie Style and The Simple Life

Yay!  I received my copy of Romantic Prairie Style today and it is so simple, peaceful, and beautiful to look at the breathtaking photographs.  But I think that more than the photos I  might LOVE this quote from Fifi O'Neill, the author of this beaut:

"Maybe it's a sign of the times, maybe it's the cyclical nature of life, but more than ever the world is longing to return to a simpler way of life."

Like she reached in and read my heart, this is seriously much of what I think about now:  how to live more simply, more peacefully, more naturally.  The truth is, I am tired of the rat race, I am tired of negativity, I am tired of women who could feed a small country with the cost of what they wear (not to mention I am tired of being judgemental of them).  I am tired of heartache and disagreements and natural disasters and foods laden with chemicals or modifications they were never meant to have.  I am tired of pollution, excess, waste, countries fighting, health issues, and a lack of hard work.  I am tired of people that lack manners (self included), because they are too busy, too stessed out, or too demanding to simply be kind.  I am tired of anything in God's creation, human or not, being mistreated.

Interesting, I thought I was utterly lacking passion in my life.

I guess not.        

This book is a wonderful feast for the eyes of what excess is not.  I'm in love with the concept. 

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