Saturday, March 12, 2011

Simple, Easy and Pretty Gifts

I guess anyone who reads my blog with any consistency knows I am crazy about flowers.  Today I needed a quick gift for a wonderful Christian woman who tutored my nearly-dyslexic child to read very well (spelling is still an issue for him and I think always will be, but to see this kid read for pleasure all the time is so very wonderful, knowing from which point he started!).

I worked all week and had to get the cherub to a morning orthodontist appointment today, so I only had a few minutes to come up with a simple housewarming gift for my dear friend (who has recently moved).  So, while he was in the orthodontist's chair, I quickly ran out and purchased these amazing white mums.

They were unique and happy as well as inexpensive.  For a little added specialness, I be-ribboned them with a pretty green and silver bow from my collection of inexpensive Costco ribbon.  It's actually a rather Christmas-y ribbon, but it matched perfectly and gave a hint of glam.  :)

This lovely gift took very little money and time to assemble and was very well received, and that....

made me happy.  :)

1 comment:

  1. Love fresh flowers! There is nothing like them to bring life to any space.


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