Friday, March 4, 2011

The World as Art

I have been tweaking my living room.  New area rug.  New plantation shutters.  My wingback chairs should be reupholstered by the end of next week (although I am thinking of trading them out for a chair from the family room).  But then I found this amazing, HUGE map.  I decided to purchase it and will frame it as art.  It may actually be too big to go over my piano, but I'd like to try it there.  I know it's a bit atypical for a formal living room.  :)   If you're not sure, it is of southern California.  Found here if interested.


  1. We are both suckers for maps, I see! There is just something about the shapes and colors on maps, and the fact that looking at a map can bring back floods of memories.

  2. I love the color in the map Steph! I also love the Carmel Beach at the top of you blog! Gorgeous!

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