Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day

It has been a tough week for our family (!) but I wanted to just share a couple of small things since it is Earth Day and I am becoming more and more passionate about how we treat this dear planet on which we live and truly call home.  Look around!  Nature is the most beautiful designer in town and we need to be respectful.

Here are two things I have come across fairly recently:

This blog:  All I can say is take a look and decide for yourself.  There have been some criticisms of the way in which this family lives, but personally I love it.  In helping myself become a step closer to this lifestyle, I recently got a wonderful deal on some glass canning containers at  I use them to store food that I am now buying in bulk to eliminate all the horrendous packaging on everything.  A little at a time, right?  Here they are (also note my new biodegradeable kitchen sponge!):

Also, I have been advised of a wonderful book that I have since purchased at  To be honest, I have found it a bit out my league (actually it is full of profoundly simple ideas but I have become so accustomed to doing things the "easy" way), but it is full of great green ideas.  Here it is:  A Guide to Green Housekeeping by Christina Strutt:

Just my few contributions to Earth Day!

Happy Easter to everyone,


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