Monday, April 18, 2011

IKEA trip

What is not to love about IKEA?  OK, the quality of some items may leave a bit to be desired, but overall it's great.  :)

I attended a Psychologist's conference in Costa Mesa the last three days of last week.  On Saturday, I made a run over to IKEA following the conference since it was so close by.  As usual, a few little gems were to be found.  What I love about IKEA is that the affordability factor makes it easy to switch out accessories and the design inspiration is wonderful.  Just a few things for this trip to brighten up my winterish accessories:

 Pretty colored glass vases for 3.99 each!  These are atop the piano now.

A sweet little white enameled pitcher to help remind me of the simple life (aka the life I want).

These pretty dish towels were only 49 cents a piece and look like antique French linens!  I plan to actually use them as napkins for the family so as to reduce our waste with paper napkins.

I actually went into IKEA with storage in mind.  These jars house my younger son's constant need for carbs right now.  Also, this way I can buy in bulk and fill up the jars rather than buying endless boxes that need to be recycled.

I like how they look on the counter.  The plastic jar with the white top is simply a cleaned, resued bottle from something from COSTCO.

And what about this charming beach-y plant holder?  It is made of real wood, whitewashed and includes a plastic liner.  Not sure yet what is going in here, but I must have had 3 IKEA employees ask me where I had found it because it is so cute (it was in the plant section!).

Finally, I snagged this black and white table runner.  It is rather rustic, made of dishtowel fabric.  I thought it was fun.  Right now it is on the dining room table with a potted hydrangea and some candles.  Here is a closer shot of it:

Other than some extra silverware, that's it for this shopping adventure.  :)  In keeping with my environmental reduce-resuse nature, I happily loaded three boxes of donations into the car following this trip and had my older son drive them off to the Goodwill for me.  I have told everyone in the house that whenever something new comes in, at least one old thing must be donated.  I am an fact, I would like to have FAR LESS than I do.  One step at a time, though.    :)

Hope you enjoyed my mini shopping trip to IKEA.  I have more (non IKEA) things to share tomorrow.  Blessings, Steph.


  1. "and had my older son drive them off to the Goodwill for me."

    This pretty much kills me. How can he be driving????!?!!

    Love IKEA, too. Hope you had lunch there! SO cheap and delicious!

  2. Sara, he has been driving for a year! In some ways it has gone by too other ways, not fast enough. :) Yes, I had lunch there as usual. Jay likes to go with me just to get breakfast. :)


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