Monday, April 4, 2011


Back home.  This past weekend I flew to northern California to see how my mom was doing after a major surgery.  The good news is...she is doing great!  Thank you, Lord. 
I enjoyed helping my dad out by doing lots of errands while I was there as he has really had to step it up to help.  The rain seems to have finally subsided there and it was just beautiful.  My parents have a wonderful covered patio on the back of their house but it looked a bit blah.  So I went to work planting flowers and some vegetables and herbs that my mom wanted.
She's funny, as she wanted the pots scrubbed and more dirt replaced in her existing pots than I would have done for my own garden, but in the end it all looked so much better and was well worth the effort.  :)  Now she can sit out there and look at the flowers and get more fresh air than she has been.
I sat on the left side of the plane for the return flight and saw a great deal of the coastline on my way home and just marveled at the beauty of this state I live in.  I feel so lucky.

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