Monday, May 16, 2011


My older son (walking above) and I (picking up trash next to him) participated in a beach cleanup last weekend.  Kind of exciting, we were interviewed by a photo-journalist there while we were working. 

My son is passionate about the environment.  In all honesty, it is HE who has helped me look at the excesses and wastefulness around us with new eyes.  It's everywhere.  Now that I am striving to live more simply and to reduce our carbon footprint further, he jokes with me that I am "worse" (meaning, more passionate) than he is!  :) 

One of my deepest prayers for my sons is that they learn to bless and serve others.  And it is my great hope that my older son will find a purpose for this "thing" that weighs on his heart.  Sometimes he tells me that it might be too much for him to study environmental issues because so much of it saddens him deeply.  But all I can say is that sometimes we are called to do something that is difficult, or uncomfortable.  I suspect he will figure it out.  :) 

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