Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Community Supported Agriculture

If any of you have heard of "CSA," it stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  In recent months, I have become even more "green" and interested in eating more organic, less packaged food.  Getting a CSA box helps support those goals as there is minimal packaging and what packing exists is reused (not recycled) and the produce is farm-fresh and amazing.  Any portions of the produce (outer leaves, etc) that I do not use go into my green compost can.  But perhaps what I love best is that by getting a CSA box I am supporting a local farm.   

Each week I pick up a monster box of produce.  Each week the contents are slightly different and, no, I do not get to choose what goes inside.  :)  However, that is helping with my creativity in the kitchen as well as making sure nothing goes to waste.  It also helps with varying the kinds of foods that we eat each week.  Typically, there are one or two types of lettuces included, organic apples, oranges and/or strawberries, an onion, squash, green beans or beets and sometimes kale.  Always carrots so far, which are *amazing*.  Once, I got a wonderful bunch of basil.  A couple of times I have had a jar of organic strawberry jam included.  SO...it just depends on what is growing and what is harvested.  I have to admit that it is kind of fun peering into the box when I first get it!  :)

  On the top of the box in this photo is swiss chard.  I did not know what the heck to do with it but I found a wonderful recipe and it was absolutely delicious.  Apparently it is one of the healthier veggies out there, as is kale.  All of this has made me a better cook, too (I am a serious baker at heart!).

The farm we are supporting is Tanaka Farms.  If you are in Orange County, CA and are interested in learning more about their program you may click here.  I know that many areas offer similar programs....check them out!  You will be doing something good.  :) 


  1. I was just there on a field trip..and totally meant to get that info!

  2. Good for you and your efforts to cook and buy healthier. We have the same kind of program in NC.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I appreciate it.

    Chard cooks like spinach, but the stems are a little more fibrous. It could stand in for spinach in omelettes, spanikopita, quesadillas, or lasagna. You can simply steam it. Or you could stir fry it, my favorite way to fix it. Hope you like it.


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