Monday, June 20, 2011

Hydrangeas and Front Yard Design...


Hi friends!  I have such mixed feelings about this tree.  Tomorrow it is coming out.  :(  It is at least 30 years old and it's root system is ruining our foundation. 
I love the tree.  It is a giant ficus, with glossy dark green leaves and a very interesting trunk.  We have an up-light set for the evening on it and it is rather dramatic.  But no amount of trimming has stopped it from taking over and my husband is worried about it now....

However, it shades several beautiful hydrangea bushes.  I have a few shots of these lovely flowers below:

In addition to this huge tree issue, our grass in the front yard is just awful.  We have tried fertilizing, re-seeding, replanting, and thatching, but it never looks good. 

And then (GASP) we got a mean letter from our neighborhood association telling us to do something about it.

Honestly, I was offended (insert angry face!).  Our home is one of the more lovely in the neighborhood of about 200 homes and I am constantly working on it when I'm not working professionally (or doing laundry, making dinner, taking care of the family and dog, exercising....).  But I digress....

My sweet friend Julia is a landscape architect.  She drew up some plans for us that have NO GRASS!!!!  :)

I love looking at architectural drawings and renderings....I loved learning the little I know about drafting last year.

Here is a closer look.  We will be replacing the large tree with an Olive.  A Crepe Myrtle will be added toward the front.  The rest is groundcover (rosemary), flowers and shrubs.  There is one empty section that I will need some sort of focal point for (fountain, large pot of flowers, etc).  I am not sure yet.  Any ideas?

Here is the existing yard.  It was just mowed and the grass does not look so bad in the photo, but trust me....  We have a crow friend that likes to hang out smack dab in the middle of this little yard, but I scared him away with the camera.  :)

When the new Olive tree enters the scene, the hydrangeas will be transplanted back to their original locations and I am hoping they make it.  I really have enjoyed them!  If not, I will be hoofing it to the backyard to find somewhere for them to be happy!

June is the best month for these amazing flowers.  If you can grow them where you live, consider it!  They are wonderful.

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  1. Gorgeous Flowers! Looks like quite the plan, wish I had one for my yard ;)

  2. Thank you to share

  3. Wow-that is going to be an awesome project and how gorgeous the outcome. Your home/yard is already very lovely too.

  4. Your Hydrangeas are so pretty. Hope you post photos when your project is done. About that tree, I just had a giant Oak fall in my yard the other day! Hate to take them down-but sometimes they have to go.

  5. Hi Steph, I see you are new to blogging. Welcome. I host a newbie party every Monday and one is going on now. I would love for you to join in and perhaps make a few more friends. Hope to see you.

  6. These flowers are amazing! I just love the beauty of the gorgeous flowers and have so many plans for my own garden and can’t wait to see more. Thanks for the inspiration.
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