Thursday, July 28, 2011

Antique Japanese Fishing Floats

I have begun a small collection of Japanese fishing floats.  Aren't they beautiful? 

I have discovered that reproductions are being made, but I wanted the real I have been careful to gather these from antique shops (and some on ebay!).

Here they are on my piano mantel (in a silver basket that I paid $2 for)...

I think they are really fun and interesting and hope to collect more.  I also have a purple shaded one that is unique and different. 

I also found a very cool sign at an antiques shop recently but did not like the price tag.  You know when something speaks to you but it really is impractical, impulsive, etc? but then you can't seem to forget it?   Well, today I decided to call and I offered a lowish price for the sign that was accepted.  :)  I'll post pics soon.

Happy weekend to all!  Many blessings, Steph.

1 comment:

  1. so pretty! I'd love to collect some of those too....all the ones I find are way out of my budget though! :) maybe I need to head over to ebay...visiting from Show and Tell Friday!


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