Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interesting Find and Renovation Thoughts

Yesterday while out and about with my oldest son, I found this funky hanging candle holder.  It's really unique and looks a lot like a vintage piece of sorts. 

Little prisms of light come bouncing off of it...

Currently it is hanging in our master bathroom, where I had hung a light fixture that was not suited to the space well.  This one is better.  :)

Oh and the price tag????  $13!

Our master bath is in need of some love.  You can read about it here and see my design inspiration here (there are some beautiful photos!).

I have already made preliminary decisions on the tile for both the flooring and shower/tub plus I hope to change the lighting and fixtures.  I will leave my existing counter tops and cabinets.

I cannot seem to move forward on the master bath, however.  We are finishing up a landscape renovation for the front yard but it probably should have come first.  However, I really am a private sort of gal.  A homebody at heart.  I dislike my home being invaded by contractors and subs and filled with dust!  But I know it needs to happen as I am not sure how much longer I can live with harvest gold and it certainly won't help if we decide to sell in the near future. 

While I am on this subject, my short list for further home improvement is as follows:
1.  Finish front landscape (nearly there!)
2.  Remodel master bath-it's really a partial remodel and fairly budget friendly considering all
3.  Refloor children's bathroom
4.  Refloor half bath and laundry room area, repaint half bath and change mirror and lighting
5.  Fully repaint living, dining and family rooms
6.  Repaint master bedroom, repaint 4-poster bed and change decor entirely (get rid of all the red)
7.  Redecorate family room, requiring new sofa and other furniture
8.  Replace kitchen appliances, switching to stainless.  I need to do a post about my kitchen, which I am mostly happy with.  :)
9.  Rip up carpet from stairs and do hardwood (dark treads and white risers!!!!)

These are not in any particular order either!

Surely I am leaving something out.  Personally I would love for a carpenter to move in for a while.

Ahh well.  For now I have my $13 candle holder, adding some charm to the bathroom...


  1. Love your amber hanging candle globe it reminds me of the 70's style hanging lights. Thanks for sharing this. Decor. Lady

  2. I love it. What a great piece. Good job! Susan


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