Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Painted furniture

My friend Cindy at My Romantic Home is hosting a painted furniture party today.  I first "met" Cindy when I googled "how to paint furniture" in preparation for redecorating my older son's room.  It really is six degrees of separation, because it turns out that we have a mutual friend in common-one of her high school pals was one of my best pals in college-SUE!  How cool is that?  :D

Cindy has painted a tremendous amount of furniture.  If you are not familiar with her, check out her beautiful blog!

Here is a small contribution from moi.....

In the first photo, the little side tables were throw-aways from a relative.  I painted them white and don't they look nice in my guest bedroom?  They were an avocado green previously.  :)

Below, the black table was an inherited antique.  I almost tossed it because it was in horrible shape, but then I got the idea to simply fix it up a bit and to paint it black.  I used Cindy's technique of waxing this piece after painting with paste wax.

Below is a glimpse of my son's bookcase.  It had previously been a royal blue, but as he grew older he needed something more sophisticated.  I will likely use this piece in an office someday if he does not want to take it with him to college!

Finally.....here is our farmhouse bed, which is a dark green.  No, I have not painted it.  However, I would like to.  I am very much wanting to change this room within the next year to a more subdued color palette.  I am thinking either a black, dark brown or a white.  Accessories would be primarily creams and taupes with white and silver accents.  Any IDEAS?????  Please share if so...

Happy painting and Thanks Cindy!!!  XXOO, Steph.

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  1. Choosing a paint color is always difficult for me! It takes mem forever to decide! Try going to Pinterest for inspiration for the paint color for your bed. Love your paint projects, by the way!


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