Monday, July 18, 2011

Polishing the Silver

I only have a small collection of silver pieces, but they were looking a bit dingy so I took some time today to polish them....most of them find their home in our master bathroom.  I use the trays to store cosmetics, perfume bottles and the like... :) 

Below is a beautiful jar from Lady Primrose of Dallas.

This one holds the random cotton balls or Q-tips...

I found this silver pitcher at an antiques shop in Old Town Orange one day and knew it would make an awesome vase!

It's smiling!   :)


  1. I am using more silver, too. Why not? It's pretty whether polished or tarnished. Linda

  2. its always fun to polish, makes me feel xtra homey~

    love your header, i lived there for many years :)

  3. Thanks! @blue-my parents have a home there and it is paradise for me! In our current location, we are about a 20 minute drive from the ocean so I can't complain too much. :)

  4. Setph, I'm a polisher too. I like the satisfaction one gets from polishing tarnished metal. I recently polished our copper vent hood and much of the copper pots in our kitchen.
    Your header is gorgeous. I'd love to be on that beach.

  5. Gorgeous silver! I love polished silver gives me huge satisfaction!
    Gorgeous header!!
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  6. Very timeless! We have one in our front door as well. I even was able to purchase two long skinny ones from somebody's old door for just $10 the other weekend! They changed um out. I was super excited because they are such great pieces!

  7. Hi, found you via Kim's blog. Your blog header was like a micro vacation for me. I could feel the ocean breeze.

    Love your silver. I like silver shiny or tarnished. I collect silver plated vintage baby cups and silver plated vintage trophies.

    I'm your newest follower. :)

  8. Steph, can we add silver to all the things we have in common? I adore it - and your pieces! (I like polishing it, too.) So glad we stumbled upon one another! xoxo abby

  9. More people would know peace if they polished - it is hypnotic, is it not?

  10. Love your silver collection... The tray and the vase look gorgeous!

  11. Your silver collection is beatiful. I too love to display silver throughout my home. I dont think any room is off limits for it. :)

    Youre blog is a delight.

    Debbie Kay


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