Monday, August 15, 2011


I will be back to work in 2 weeks with what promises to be a very full schedule working an 80% contract.  I work as a School Psychologist-slightly longer hours than most teachers but still a wonderful schedule to have as a working mom, although the job has a fair amount of stress in all honesty.  To keep my family happy and my own self sane (and so that I don't lose the small fitness gains I have made), I actually made up a small schedule in an effort to see how it might all come together.  I thought I would document it here so that I can refer to it as needed. 

**caveat:  my boys are now 15 and 18.  I would never proceed with this schedule if they were not so independent unless I absolutely had to.

Here we go!

SUNDAY:  morning spin cycling class, grocery shopping, help kids with projects/college apps, rest (church is on Saturdays), husband cooks 
MONDAY:  DAY OFF= exercise, gardening, cleaning, blog, errands, cooking, carpool 
TUESDAY:  WORK, spin class (make a crockpot dinner), laundry
WEDNESDAY: WORK, carpool, make dinner, walk
THURSDAY: WORK, pick up my CSA box and do extra grocery shopping, spin class (make a crockpot dinner)
FRIDAY:  WORK, yoga (one Friday night per month I will have admin. prep. class), older son makes dinner, laundry
SATURDAY:  one Saturday a month I will have admin. prep. class all day and then walk for exercise afterward.  For the other three I will do a cycling class or ride Blue Gal in the morning, catch up on errands, and attend church in the early evening.  Husband cooks.

As you can see there is not much room for much else.  I would like to be able to tackle some more design projects around the house but they look like they may have to wait at least until I get my older son through his college applications.  I have my basic design for the master bath and that is likely the next huge project.

Also-I don't know if I can manage doing laundry only twice per week!  I am going to practice and see how it goes the next two weeks-it may be completely unmanageable (envisioning mountains of laundry piling here...).

Any thoughts?  I would love any helpful suggestions.


  1. 2 crock pots a week! Please share your favorite recipes!

  2. Sara-really basic. Trader Joes frozen turkey meatballs in maranara sauce, or frozen chicken breasts in marinara sauce or terriyaki sauce or frozen chicken thighs in TJs BBQ sauce, etc. Basically that is what Rich and Stephen eat when I do the crockpot thing. I also have an amazing crockpot corn recipe if you ever want it. Also-if you do not have a rice cooker, I swear this thing is the best invention on the planet and has saved me many times. It is easy to make fried rice too with the leftovers, and Jay loves that. Meanwhile I am eating a lettuce leaf....Hope that helps! XO


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