Thursday, August 11, 2011



(preview of my new front yard...)

I have been on holiday so to speak for the past couple of weeks.  I thought a bit about this little blog of mine and decided upon a better title for it.

When I think about what I like to achieve in my life I always come back to BALANCE.  For me, balance equals peace and harmony, work and rest, discomfort and pleasure, symmetry in design, rough with smooth, cold with warm, sweet with savory (though not necessarily at the same time...).

Many bloggers engage in blogging as nearly a full time position (with pay) and they do a terrific job at it.  Their projects, photos, and seemingly endless creative ideas and written expression often leave me mouth open, jaw-on-floor inspired. 

And then there are little blogs like mine with small ideas and not much time to tackle design projects, much less photograph them and write about them.  I can't have a blog like those others if I am to be balanced.

For as far back as I can recall I have believed that balance is the secret key to a life well lived.  As a psychologist I have become acutely aware of it's importance.  As a working mom, I've tried to live it as best I can, usually failing miserably.  If anything, balance is often an elusive goal for me.  This fall I will surely be challenged in this area as I continue to work hard, raise two teenage boys, and go back to school for an administration credential!  I am weary just thinking about it.

Balance, then, is a lovely state of being for which I attempt to strive.  Since my little blog is a small and humble expression of myself, I will call it Balanced Style.

Welcome!  :)

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