Monday, September 5, 2011

Obsession du Jour

Hmmm.....I wonder if anyone can figure it out????

Lately I am reading a whole lot of this....

And wanting a whole lot of this...

And loving lavender like nobody's business...

(photo from our recent visit to Ojai

Sadly, I have never been to France.  I would love to visit one day.  I've got this amazing idea of playing tourist there, followed by a relaxing visit to Italy, in which my husband and I bicycle our way through the country to avoid gaining weight from all of the pizza and pasta and wine we will likely inhale!  :D

But, alas, for now books will have to do.  Below is my short stack of living vicariously in my own backyard...

There are also many fabulous blogs if you are a confirmed (or not) Francophile:

(just to name a very few....)
My goal was to write a blog post each Monday and today I am barely making it in before I turn into a pumpkin!  (I'm also falling far short of my lofty laundry goal!).  And that reminds me that I will do a post soon on fall decorations-I picked up some beautiful metalic pumpkins this weekend.

Happy week to everyone!



  1. I'm a Francophile as well! Lovely photographs.

  2. I do the same thing. I'm sure there are a lot of us.

  3. Great photos! I found you at the newbie party and I am now a follower! stop by and say hi!

  4. Oh I love books too and all things French. Great pictures. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  5. I loved Paris! We didn't have enough time to see anything else. I so would love to go back! :)


  6. I adore My French Life by Vicki Archer! The photography is dreamy and her stories are so warm and homey. She also has another book out "French Essence: Ambience, Beauty, and Style in Provence. It's on my wish list for Christmas. Thanks for sharing! Found you via Debbiedoo's. Tootles, Kathryn

  7. I love reading about France and although I've been there I do long to live there for a while.

  8. France is also on my bucket list. Alas! So much to see and so little time! Just looking at your collection of books is putting me in the mood to travel! And I may just have to go pick up a lavender candle or something today . . .

  9. I too share your wish to see France. It looks like you've got quite the book stacks. Thanks for sharing.

  10. You had me at books!!!! After reading a PLETHORA of travel books on France, I was finally able to go recently! I thank God for the blessing of that little adventure.
    Now I'll be back to reading about it!


  11. Hi, Steph! If I could overcome my fear of flying, I would love to visit both France and Italy. My sister has been to both countries and loved them! She DIDN'T bicycle her way through, so she gained about a ton!!! She's in China now. Total travel bug. Nothing wrong with living vicariously through books for right now, though. Do you also have "Unmistakably French" by Betty Lou Phillips? Really great book with all things French! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  12. Haha! Yes, cannot get enough of Betty Lou Phillips!

    Thank you all for your nice comments and have a fabulous weekend everyone! XO, Steph.

  13. The photos are lovely

    Karin Şen Cankan


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