Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home Improvements of 2011

In the spirit of decor blogging, I thought I would list my favorite home improvements of 2011.  For each project, I tried to improve upon something in a relatively simple and non-wasteful manner-and to    do so fairly inexpensively but NOT cheaply.  Here we go!  11 improvements for 2011!

1.  Redesigned Antique Wingback Chairs....I repurposed these chairs by giving them new life (and reduced heirloom guilt since I now love them!!!).  This is probably my favorite project of the year.

2.  Added new lamps to my Guest Bedroom...(donated old lamps)...

3.  Installed new Plantation Shutters to our living and dining rooms (gave away the blinds they replaced on Craigslist)...

4.  Spruced up my humble Laundry Room without spending a dime...

5.  Installed low maintenance/low water Front Yard Landscaping...(definitely the most expensive project of the year...)

6.  Replaced Family Room sofa and loveseat...(donated previous set)... 

7.  Replaced our Entry Mirror (the old one moved upstairs!)...

8.  Cleaned up my little Backyard...

9.  Turned a map into art.

10.  AND...purchased a new area rug (donated the old one, of course)!

11.  We also repainted Living and Dining rooms (late in the year), which you can see best in this photo below (chandelier lamp shades were purchased this summer when Pierre Deux was going out of business in Carmel, CA):

It is actually good to look back on these posts and see that my home is truly a work in progress!  I often feel like I am not doing much at all, but these pictures definitely prove otherwise (I am also gagging at the quality of some of my photos; since I have begun using my son's camera the quality has improved but I have such a long way to go!).

Also in 2011 I began working on the master bedroom but it is not quite finished.  I am struggling a bit with the wall color we chose (and after all the effort painting the room I don't want to re-do it!) and with what to put on the walls, but I will take photos soon.  :)


  1. You did a ton of really wonderful projects. I love them all. Hugs, marty

  2. you have such a beautiful home!

    Ces of

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