Monday, January 23, 2012

Copycat: Dining Room Table

Look at this beautiful dining room!

This is Diana's dining room from  If you are unfamiliar with this amazing woman, please go visit her beautiful blog.  Diana and her husband and family live in a turn of the century charmer (really, my dream house!) and they have made it so beautiful in large part due to Diana's talented eye and carpentry skills.  Please visit her blog to check out the hand-crafted bread boards that she lovingly makes.

I have been admiring her dining room table for some time.  She made this table herself!!!

Well, since my home is not a charmer, but more a circa 1970s cookie-cutter special, I do not think I could completely replicate this look.  However, I did rearrange a few things so that my dining room table top would resemble hers.  Let me know what you think.

Diana's at Christmas (just looks magical to me)...

And mine for now  :) ...

I added my vintage dough bowl and two hurricane lanterns to the table top, along with my simple runner from IKEA...

Yes, we are eating all that citrus.  We have an organic navel orange tree in our backyard.  :)

I would REALLY like to slipcover these chairs since I am not yet ready to replace them.  Any thoughts?

Thank you for visiting! 

XO, Steph.



  1. Hi! I like what yo did! It has the same vibe and it looks great! I like your runner too! I think you nailed the look!
    Can't help on slipcovers but I know a blogger (Ann)@ On Sutton Place that is an excellent seamstress!

  2. BTW I live in a 1970's cookie cutter house too! We added an addition on on the 90's but I know what it's like to have some of the issues that had to be changed- like getting rid of harvest gold etc.!

  3. Granted, my daughter is seven, but I could see her running ribbons through your chairs if they were in our home. It might be an interesting look without the cost and commitment of upholstery.

    The table looks great!

  4. Oh how pretty. I love your table and your vignette is perfect. So fresh and lovely. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. I love what you did and I'm very partial to dough wooden bowls and you did a great vignette with the candle holders like your friend's. Hugs,

  6. Very nice job! That dough bowl is really neat too.
    I will most certainly have to check out her blog, thanks for pointing us in her direction.
    Very nice to meet you here in blogland. I am enjoying the pics in your sidebar very much. You look like you are quite the decorator yourself.

    Blessings, Nellie

  7. I think you did a great job on your table. I love the runner. I also really like your chairs, they have great backs. I cannot paint wood easily because my father built most of my furniture, but if you are so inclined, maybe you could paint them black? Do they have fabric seats? If not, perhaps a seat cushion would be a quick way to change the look.

    1. Thanks Mary! Yes, the chairs are covered. The scale of the chairs does not go great with my table (which is really the quality piece of the room), but I will figure it out! Happy weekend!

  8. Very pretty. Don' t paint or cover your lovely chairs.

  9. I think you did a wonderful job!! I wouldn't cover your chairs either.

  10. Beautiful!!Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! Hope to see you again at this weeks party!

  11. Very nice! Love your copycat! Lucky you with an orange tree! My kids would love that!!

    Stopping over from the copycat party. I'm #62.


  12. You did great! I think you nailed it, and it looks so welcoming. Thanks for sharing at the copy cat party.

  13. It really does look fabulous...Now I want to copy YOU. :))

    I'm lovin this party....:)
    xo bj

  14. Such a lovely table. I want to have one like this. My next project after my house remodeling Los Angeles.


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