Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home Goals for 2012

Hi Friends!  I am linking to The Nester to "upload" my brain with which projects I would most like to tackle for 2012.  My first post of the year was about some of my ideas for living more simply in 2012 .  The goals below are strictly for the house, although they are related and in keeping with my personal goals.  So here are a few ideas:

1.  Organize my pantry like the one you see below (from the Zero Waste Home-please check out this blog!), so that my carbon footprint is reduced, my pantry is full of healthy foods, and we are eating more simply.  I have already started to tackle this project.  :)

2.  Finish decorating the Master Bedroom.  Here is my inspiration (I am almost finished with this project!  YAY.  A few more touches and I will post it all soon)...(I am sorry I do not know who designed this bedroom below):

(here is the "before"...)

3.  Replace the flooring and repaint my boys bathroom in the upstairs hallway.  I shall spare you all a photo.  It is currently a Hawaiian theme (hello?) and not looking so hot as it has been quite a while since any updating.

4.  Redesign my fireplace myself.  Here is what we are working with:

I have not gathered any inspiration yet but I am thinking black brick and a white wood surround, plus dry-walling the section above the mantle to match the wall (any other ideas?). 

5.  Begin (note that I did not say complete!) a partial remodel of our master bathroom.  Here is my inspiration...oh how I love this photo (I think it might be from Brooke Giannetti but I am not 100 % sure; I have had it a while):

6.  Paint the inside front door white to match our built in bookshelves, which could also use some restyling...


 7.  If time and budget permit, I would also like to re-floor our laundry room and replace my energy guzzling dryer (it takes forever to dry a load of laundry and it has been repaired several times!).  If I do get a twin set, I already have a needy family in mind to donate the washer to.  Here's what we have now (cute and comfy):

Naturally, I have a million other ideas floating around (paint insides of kitchen cabinets, update powder room, slipcover dining room chairs, new bedskirt for guestroom....it just never stops-can anyone relate?) but I need to be practical with my time, money and energy and I certainly do not want to add anything-on the contrary, I would like a more simple home with far less "stuff" in it.  I am finding myself looking at a lot of my possessions with the "is it seriously useful or beautiful?" question and I see that much can be donated to someone who will use or love them far more than I.

Just a note to self for future reference as well (for the dining chairs):

Good luck to all with beautiful home goals for this next year!  :)



  1. You have a lovely home...can't wait to see what you come up with. Love your bed!

  2. You have a very nice home. I am quite wore out just reading what you want to do. Will be nice to see the result. jeanetteann

  3. Great goals! I adore that master bathroom and have some similar pinned. It is one of my goals, too. I love in your description of you the part where you say your heart is at home but... I feel the same way!

  4. Hello Steph! I like the way you put this together - photo inspirations as well as a to do wish list! I have so many things running through my head - perhaps I need to walk around with a camera and make plans - I believe Susan at Between Naps on the Porch did list hers on her sidebar - and I am sure it was great to strike them out when she completed them!
    Thank you for joining me at Home and Garden Thursday,

  5. I love your inspiration photos! Your home already has some great features, I can't wait to see what it looks like when your done!

  6. Love this project! It's really similar to one I am doing this year, too.
    You should share it with my readers @ thrift[me] blog. I think they would love to see it: http://thriftmeblog.com/lets-organize-2012-kitchen-countertops-recap-link-party/.


  7. Those are great home goals! How nice of you to donate yours!
    Have a pretty day!


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