Sunday, January 15, 2012

Toward a Green(er) Life...

For Christmas, my husband got me this great stainless steel coffee mug.  I have become a pretty "green" gal over the course of the last few years, thanks in large part to my older son's interest in environmental issues.  But, as far as I still have to go (our family trash is down to about one very small bag each week, but the recycling is often out of control), I realize how different we are than others, too.

Here is the deal:  Once you begin wanting to reduce landfill and make more ecologically sound choices in life, there is really no going back....

As an example, my younger son wanted to go to the bagel shop this morning.  I brought my trusty stainless mug because I knew I would want coffee there.  My son got a breakfast bagel, served on a paper "tray" along with disposable napkins.  In fact, all of the items at this shop are served in disposable containers, all of which are recyclable. are my questions:

1.  why cannot little cafe shops like this spend a little more time/energy serving food and beverages in real (reusable) dishes?
2.  at the very least, why can't there be a recycling bin/container for this disposable serving set-up?  

As I watched countless other folks dispose of their trash on the way out of the bagel shop, without any commentary from me, my younger son looked at me and said "let's bring this stuff home and put it in our recycling container..." which we did.

Again, I have a long way to go.  I am not yet ready to be an activist!  The first step is AWARENESS.  And with awareness comes responsibility.

Here are the steps we have made so far (again, we are at the beginning of this mission):
*  we reduce our purchases of anything in plastic (buying more in bulk and with reusable containers)
*  my husband and I drive two hybrid cars (my current hybrid will be replaced with a Prius soon)
*  we refuse any plastic bagging at any stores, ever.  NEVER buy water bottles.
*  we use biodegradable bags for our dog's waste (not sure how great this is, but we are trying)
*  we use Community Supported Agriculture for our produce (no packaging, no pesticides)
*  we try hard to waste NOTHING
*  we installed a low water landscape in our front and back yards
*  we are beginning to use a composting system (more on that later)
*  we are looking into solar

Is anyone else out there on a similar mission?  I would love to hear.  :)



  1. We have been talking about this but have taken no action yet. I will talk with my family about a course of action this afternoon. Thanks for inspiring me! :)

  2. We have done things like always use cloth napkins and real dishes at home. We do many of the things you do and slowly add more and more to our list.

    1. Hi Christy! Funny, I just announced to the family that the next thing is cloth napkins and NO MORE PAPER TOWELS! (gasp!) Thanks for reading. :D


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