Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bookcase for Hubby

 Hi Friends!  Remember when I updated our Master Bedroom?

See the the window with the pretty desk in the photo below?  That is "my" side of the room.  :D

I purposely failed to photograph the side of the room that houses my hubby's messy desk and assorted files and papers.  That's because it looked so bad!  He works very hard and he really does try to be fairly neat, but....well does that term "pack rat" ring a bell?  While far from a minimalist, the idea of piles of files and snippings of things to be read that carry a great likelihood of never being looked at again....well, that does not work well for me.  So, I got him this bookcase to store his important stuff in.  Just being a helpful wife,  ya know.  ;)  The good news is that he likes it and is using it so it's a win-win.  :) 

I am hopeful that he will stay organized!!!!  It's not great having a bedroom that you sleep in double as an office, but it is what works for now.

I apologize for the poor lighting in these shots; it's an awkward spot.   

The bookcase, file folder holders, and sea grass cubes all came from IKEA.  My older son and I assembled the bookcase fairly easily.  :D



  1. Is that the Expedit? I've never seen it in black! Cool!


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