Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boys Bathroom Makeover: BEFORE photos

Hello!  One of my 2012 home improvement goals is a partial makeover of my boys' bathroom.  The bathroom had a leak and that was really the motivation here.  I am trying to keep the renovation very low cost as well.  :)

Here are a few BEFORE shots of the bathroom (I know it is no fun to look at "before" shots, so I will make this short!):

This bathroom is set on an interior wall of the house on the second floor.  Hence, the lack of window.....what a horrible design, but there is no place for a window to go!

You can see I had decorated the room in a Polynesian theme.  Prior to that it had been Beatrix Potter- inspired when the boys were little dudes.  Now they have as many grooming products as I do (see the mess below!):

I am sure I counted at least 8 bottles of hair gel.  What is up with that?  And look at their "lovely" display?

Oh to have two teenage boys....

I did love the surfboard shaped area rug and will save it for one of them...

This faucet works perfectly well and I will likely have it moved to our downstairs powder room.

Here is a shot of the flooring was replaced in the water closet area and the floor needed smoothing and leveling out with a leveling compound.

I decided to replace the flooring with vinyl rather then tile, although I found some beautiful porcelain tiles that look like real wood that I plan on using for our master bath renovation (hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later!).

The vinyl I chose is Home Depot's Allure in Pacific Pine.  I did have to order it online since the color I wanted is not one that they usually carry in the store.  We will be keeping the vanity, shower tile/tub, and shower door.  I hope to frame out the "builder's grade" mirror rather than to replace it. 

I will post AFTER pictures soon!  :)


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  1. Can't wait to see the final result! Thanks for sharing :)



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