Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Bedskirt....

 It is amazing how a little detail can add so much.  I mentioned in my Home Goals post, albeit a kind of afterthought, that I needed a bedskirt for the Guest Room bed, and VOILA!  The deed is done.  CHECK.


I have list "issues" (though they are not as bad as my topiary issues.).  I like to check things off and get them done.  Perhaps it is because so much of my professional job cannot be reduced to a simple list, or maybe it is just because I am ADD (btw, the ADD was completely post-childbirth-onset) or too busy or something else entirely (yes, I am a Type A)... but most of you all know there is such satisfaction in accomplishing tasks.

So I had the little task of finding a bedskirt for the guestroom bed on my list last week. 
I considered designing one myself, but in the end was simply too strapped for time not to mention that I do not know how to sew...

So I went on the hunt for a white or black tailored-but-natural looking-dust-ruffle.

Fortunately it was not too much to ask and the price was here she is in beautiful black....

I love this room.  It is one of the most peaceful spots in the house. 

A few months back, I switched out a heavy white duvet for this old matelasse bedspread that I had stored in the linen cupboard for some time.  I like it much better for this room.

Overall, the guest room is one of the spaces I have decorated with which I am the most happy.  It has truly been done on a dime and it's one of my best yet (meaning, not by designer standards...just that I like it).  This really does prove that money has nothing to do with spaces that make you feel good, doesn't it?

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. So, how do I make my reservation? Ha ha. What a beautiful and tranquil guest space! I am your newest blog follower.

  2. lovely, I especially like the black bedskirt, it really grounds the bed. We also have a coastal/beach feeling in our gust room, I guess we are trying to make our guests more relaxed.

    1. Jessica I meant to comment the other day that your home is gorgeous! I am originally from Walnut Creek. Love NorCal!

  3. I LOVE this!!! My party just started...I would LOVE to have you stop by and share your projects!!! XO Aimee

  4. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

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