Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Food

My goodness?  Is is me or is the Superbowl another excuse for a national Pig Out Day?  :)

I may sound quite un-American, and I realize how exciting this game is, but I am really not a football gal. 

However, I live with three males.  :)

Here is what they got food-wise...
First up, a relish tray filled mostly with crackers, cheese, and roasted red pepper spread....the entire thing was demolished, even the pickles...

Next up, a big platter of chicken nachos.  Earlier in the day I roasted some free-range chicken (put two in the oven at the same time to save energy and to have leftover chicken for the week...roast at 250 uncovered for 5 hours, preferably putting a rub on the outside prior to cooking).  

The green garnish is cilantro.  I am a cilantro freak and grow it during the summer months.  :D

These were also demolished!

For dessert, chocolate pudding with whipped cream.  Only one person in the family knows this (besides me), but I add chocolate protein powder whenever I make chocolate pudding.  :)

It's actually better tasting in my opinion and shoves in a bit more protein for my kids.  Sneaky, huh?

I served it in small coffee mugs.  I know it's femme, but with all that football and loud rooting going understand.  They didn't even notice.  ;)

Hope you all enjoyed the day!

Here is what I did during part of the game when I wasn't in the kitchen working on their feast....

Yes, it is warm enough for sandals, although I am horribly pale!  Sorry about that!  :)


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