Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A wee bit o' green for March...:)

Hello and Happy March!  :)

Last year, I took an old St. Patrick's Day wooden wreath that I was ready to dispose of somehow and decided to paint it and glam it up a bit (the post for the redo is here if you are interested).

Anyway, this year I added a bow from some leftover ribbon and attached to wreath to the front door:

I have not made any progress on my fireplace remodel, but since I am continuing to live with the red brick (for now) I decided to add some touches of green to see how it might look in honor of March... 

I LOVE green, but I really don't have much green decor in my house...

It is my goal to "shop the house" for these little mantle vignettes.  Why should I shop and purchase new "stuff" when I can simply rethink what I already have?  So I looked around for some green items, attached a simple green (Christmas) ribbon to my wreath on the mirror, moved some plants around, and (happily) moved on from the LOVE decor.

Artwork by youngest son, years ago...

I dismantled the shelf from the light window-pane green mirror that used to hang in the boys' bathroom and placed it against the fireplace for a funky look.  If you look closely you can see reflection of the back of my dog laying in the family room (LOVE her!).


  1. I love your St. Patrick's Day wreath and your fireplace display. :) Megan

  2. your wreath on the front door cheered me up. Spring can't be too far away when St Pat's is almost here, right?


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