Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easy Salsa

Hi Friends!  Today I thought I would share my secret salsa recipe.  It is SOOOO easy and it is SOOOO much better than any store-bought variety.  We have been getting lots of cilantro in our CSA box, which is perfect in this recipe.

I don't really measure anything, but here we go!
In a blender, throw in some canned tomatoes (try Muir Glen for a BPA-free can or use fresh organic tomatoes-I just used what I had on hand for this batch), chopped onion, minced garlic, salt, a little lemon juice and a bit of hot sauce (we like Cholula sauce and I add probably about 3T).  Then throw some chopped cilantro on top, at least 1C.

Blend/mix and that's it!

Serve with purchased or homemade tortilla chips, raw veggies, or sourdough bread (if you are like my husband, who first tasted bread and salsa at the one and only Joe's Cafe in Santa Barbara probably 25 years ago!)...


I apologize for not having many design-related posts lately.  Work and family have become crazy-busy.  However, next up we are doing a partial remodel of the master bathroom so I will be posting some progress pictures as soon as we get started in a couple of weeks.  Honestly, this little room has really pushed the limit of my creative imagination and I am wishing I had more training so that I could envision the awkward space more out-of-the-box.  I'm really too left-brained!  :) 


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  1. So easy and I have to give this recipe a go- it's just the perfect snack. Thank you so much for sharing this with us on Natural Mothers Network's Seasonal Celebration and best wishes for a very Happy Easter!
    Warmly, Rebecca x


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