Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My soup stock secrets...

Here they are!  :D

We are in the last days of cool weather in SoCal so I am still making soup!  I thought I would post just a few tips here.  First of all, if you roast your own turkey or chicken always save the bones for soup stock-stock is extremely nutritious and I feel like it's more kind and respectful to use up the entire chicken or turkey if you are a non-vegetarian. 

I usually roast my own, but on occasion I buy a rotisserie chicken and I always save the bones for soup stock.  To make the stock, simmer the bones in enough water to cover them.  Add a splash of vinegar and whatever veggies you have on hand to the stock.  I like to use onions, carrots, and celery tops, but have been known to throw in other random things.  :) 

Simmer the stock for several hours.  To make things easy, I strain the stock and then store it in the fridge overnight so that I can easily skim most of the fat off of the top the following day.  Then I add lots of veggies and simmer away again.  In this picture behind the bouillon is swiss chard from my CSA box, which I get my family to eat by slicing it up into very small pieces and adding it to the soup stock (I have done this with bok choy and kale, too...they get extra nutrition and don't know what has hit them!). 

And YES, I add bouillon to soup stock (my favorites are pictured above) and I swear this is key and makes a big difference in flavor!  My family LOVES eating soup when I make it this way. 

Typically to the stock and veggies I also add organic canned black beans, a can of tomatoes, herbs, and some kind of grain or pasta.  If I have leftover chicken or turkey, I will throw that in and add brown or wild rice, but often we are eating a vegetarian soup in a non-vegetarian broth. 

Flavorful, frugal, filling.  Simple.

There is nothing better than soup on a cold evening. 


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