Monday, April 30, 2012

Design Ideas for Jay's Lounge

Jay's Lounge

Bodhi Desk
$798 -

Square Striped Pillow
$128 -

Coffee table GARE DU NORD
€399 -

Parallel Stools
$119 -

Just so you know, I don't buy cola for him (he wishes!).  :)

My younger son, the artist, is very much wanting me to transform his bedroom, the sooner the better.  So, while we have major construction going on in the master bath, I have postponed this project until the summer when I am free from work and all the responsibilities that go on during the school year (far too many).  I will NOT be spending quite this sum, nor will I be shopping at many of these places (Anthropologie has been accused of exploitation of child labor for one thing), but I wanted to pull together some ideas. 
He needs a new, bigger desk that can work as a spot to draw as well as do homework.  I have already purchased the first piece of furniture, found at a flea market recently:

So, as soon as son number 1 gets through graduation and we have completed the master bath... (one thing leads to another in renovation, let me tell you!  We realized we had a leak this weekend from a pipe re-routing issue, and now our kitchen/living room wall is 1/3 missing and has to be replaced once it dries out!).  Anyway, like I was saying....I have my ideas for the project and am anxious to get started once I have more time and have saved a bit more money!

What do you think?


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