Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving toward a more minimalist closet...

If you read my blog with any regularity (thank you!!!), you know that we are in the throws of renovating our long overdo master bathroom.  Despite keeping the closet doors shut and our contractor's diligence in keeping dust to a minimum, the clothes in our closet have had a light sprinkling on their shoulders.  Fairy dust.  :)  

Concurrent with this, I have grown very tired of my work clothes and realize that some of them really need updating and replacing.  Each day I struggle to get dressed in clothes that are dated, worn, or unflattering.  And the closet is a mess.

Rather, I would like this:  


I have decided that once the work in the master bathroom/bedroom area is complete, I will take it upon myself to take every bit of clothing out (including my husband's stuff), clean the closet, repaint the interior of the closet, and put only 1/3 of the clothing and shoes back.  For staple items that need replacement, I will take my time and shop for timeless and flattering things that are made of quality fabrics.  With fewer (but nicer) things, I will be able to dress more creatively yet without stress and (hopefully) grumpiness.  A zero-waste closet attempt.

For Mother's Day, I was asked what I wanted and thought of either a piece of costume jewelry (I already have too much) or a new spring/summer bag.  But then I remembered my goals.  (yes, you CAN have too many bags, really) 

My husband bought me this summer bag years ago from Brighton.  While the heart detail is really not my style at the moment, the bag is actually very cute and has held up well. 

The interior fabric is a pop of fun when the bag is opened (see below)...

Last summer I purchased a very good quality black bag on sale for nearly half off.  I have used it for the bulk of this year, from about late October until now.  Because it is black, it goes with all of my clothes and was a very smart purchase.  It has held up wonderfully, I still love it, and I have had many nice compliments on it (always fun to hear).  But she will be put aside for a few months so that I can enjoy this summer bag again.  :)

I'm really, really ready to declutter and to live with less.  Everything I live with must be loved, however.  That's the rule.  :) 



  1. This is VERY timely right now for me. We are moving so I am going through EVERY closet, drawer, etc. and PURGING! I am working on my closet right now. Thanks for the push to keep going. XO, Pinky

    1. I almost wish I was moving because it would force me to purge even further. Good luck with the move! :) Steph.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I love this. If you have not yet read The Artist's Way I highly recommend it. It sounds like you are living right off those pages. I did a course years ago and it changed my life. You have inspired me to pick it up again.

    1. Gina it has been far too long! I saw Andy the other day and he is so handsome. Thank you for the book recommendation and I hope we can connect again soon. :) Steph.

  3. Stephanie, could you find another style of embellishment to replace the hearts, something from Michael's or from an old piece of jewelry you already have? Then you could really love your bag and enjoy carrying it a while longer.

  4. I've started decluttering my closet as well. I do a bit at a time so as not to get overwhelmed. Best of luck with your efforts!

  5. I went from our 1900 sq ft Home of 30 years, to a 800 sq ft Cottage in January.
    Talk about downsizing! Whew!
    My motto was, It's easier to simplify then to organize.

  6. I've been trying to "minimalize" my apartment lately. And have been doing it step-by-step. Your closet looks great. Doesnt it feel nice having less clutter?


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