Saturday, June 30, 2012

Master Bath Window Treatments

Just after I posted my master bathroom reveal the window treatments arrived for this room but I did not have time to photograph them.   

For the record, I am NOT very good with window treatments.  I have generally flopped in this category.  At this point, nearly every window in the house has plantation shutters or simple white wood blinds, perfect for our SoCal sun.  One powder room has a small toile swag, but in general I find drapes and sewn material either too heavy or too prone to fading with our intense sun here.

My husband has ALWAYS wanted bamboo shades, though.  So, since we DO share this space, I went ahead and had natural woven shades installed.  He is happy with them.  :)

I really tried to achieve a yin-yang feel with the master bath.  Sure, it is super femme with it's free standing deep tub and all the touches of silver, but I tried to balance all of that with the dark flooring, dark mirrors, more casual dark baskets (see here for details) and these window treatments.

This is the shower/water closet area....

...and this is the vanity area...

I like how they tie everything together.

And should we need to ever move, the basic space is neutral enough for most men to deal with.  Maybe. ;)

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  1. Love the blinds. They look great. Hugs, marty

  2. Love them! I love the texture that they your master bath, too. I found you at Savvy Southern Style's party...can't wait to peek around!

  3. Love it! All of my windows are covered with white blinds and I'd love to have bamboo shades. I like the texture :)

  4. Bathtub...fabulous!! Everything is so pretty!

  5. This post makes me want to redo my bathroom—AGAIN! So pretty and fresh. I'm your newest follower, btw.

  6. everything looks pretty awesome! Clean and refreshing just the way I like it!


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