Saturday, June 2, 2012

Minimalist Shower

As some of you may know, we have been renovating our master bathroom which is something I have wanted to do for many, many years.  The shower tile is simple but so pretty that we installed a clear shower door on the shower.  I will have more photos of the bathroom as soon as it is finished!

UPDATE!!!  To view the completely updated bathroom:  click here!

There was no way I was going to ruin the beauty of this simple shower with a bunch of ugly shampoo bottles.  ;)  Plus, to reduce my carbon footprint, I had purchased my shampoo, conditioner and body wash in bulk but to be honest did not much like the look of these huge containers in our former shower.

**Did you know that many co-ops, health food stores and cosmetic wholesale distributors will sell things like shampoo in bulk (either monster-sized containers like I have or a refillable variety)???  Do a google search for your area!  I purchased my shampoo and conditioner directly from a hair stylist when the products were being discontinued, and our body wash is Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap-available in a gallon sized jug!**

I looked for stainless steel pumps for our new shower, but could not find any that seemed to be quality products that would last.  Either that, or they were the wall-mounted variety (and super pricey).

I was out shopping this weekend, however, and found these cool pumps on sale for under $5 each!

Younger son went to work labelling them for me.  (Yes, I know the label maker is not a "green" practice!  However, it was a gift I'd received before I was as environmentally aware as I am today, and I have had it for years without ever refilling the label tape).   

I like the look of these pumps in our new shower.  :)

I should also mention that there are many, many do-it-yourself home recipes for shower gel, regular soap, liquid hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and even hairspray.  Making your own (fill in the blank) is almost always a more sustainable practice, less costly, and just plain good for your psyche.  I have a few of these recipes on my pinterest board labelled "Homemade."  Check them out!  :D



  1. Where did you find those? They're awesome!!

    1. Thanks! :) I got them at Pier 1. They are wood and stainless with a plastic insert, less than $5 each, marked down from $16. :D

  2. It feels so good to have a shiny new shower, Iv almost finished my bathroom renovation as well and have one of those recess boxes built in - I love it keeps all the shower things tidy, but now Iv seen your canisters maybe they can be even tidier!

  3. That looks so nice and neat. We have ten bottles at all times in our shower. My hubby hates it but we have colored hair, curly, straight you know all those hair types.

  4. Hi,
    I'm visiting from Elaine's blog via Cozy little house. I'm Viola over at Along a widowed road blogspot (Soon to be changing the name, as I'm ready to move on).
    Your outdoor pics look southern cal.
    I hope to be back to read future blog posts.


  5. I love the look of this and minimalism is a passion of mine, I love Dr.Bonners! I'm your newest follower,

  6. I'm here from Sunny Simple Life and really like your philosophy! Following you now. ~ Maureen

  7. It looks great. Found you from Sunny Simple Sundays linky party

  8. Visiting from Sunny's party! Love your simple shower and I love buying my products in bulk or making homemade -- great bottles :)



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