Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Mantle

Hello friends!  In all the confusion of finishing up the school year (the paid job), my eldest son's graduation party and the simultaneous wrapping up of our master bath renovation, I never changed out the fireplace mantle from it's spring trimmings.  To tell the truth, I didn't even notice it in all it's green glory until I decided to place some flowers and balloons upon it for the big graduation day.

So yesterday I shopped the house to see what I could come up with.  I am noticing that my design and decorating style at least inside the house has become more simple and minimal than in years past. 

I gathered a few items and threw them together to create a clean, coastal feel.

Above:  prints from my Guest Bedroom, one of my antique Japanese fishing floats (my only dark one), and a starfish that used to live in my boy's bathroom (renovation of boys bath here if interested!).

Below:  I moved things around a bit to see if I preferred the mantle this way.  Opposite side:  another print from the Guest Bedroom and some art by my younger son (this one is a shell done in pointillism), as well as a shell collected somewhere.

The mirror below is from IKEA.  I bought it quite a while ago with the intention of placing it in the master bathroom when we renovated, but it did not work.  I really like this mirror, though, and think I may place it somewhere in the dining room this fall.  I am tiring of the red in my dining room (again, back to more simple and minimal for some reason!).

Grays and tans are not terribly exciting, but that is where I am at right now.  Below is the feeling I would hope to capture in my decorating during this season (though I could never compete with God's beautiful creation!).

 (photo by Alyssa Welch)



  1. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Kate you always say the nicest things! Thanks so much. I appreciate every comment. :)

  2. It is perfect for summer. At times I find myself yearning for a cleaner look, less cluttered decorating and I will put things away but I always tend to drag the stuff back out again. I am really thinning out my holiday decor. I am on a mission to simplify those holidays.

  3. i very much like the clean and simple look! great mirror!

  4. Well done minimalist. I would love to see a photo of the entire wall to get more of an idea of the mantel arrangement in context of the whole. You can never go wrong with neutrals, but you may want to add a pop of color (red, perhaps, to echo the red you mentioned you've got going on in your dining room), with a fresh flower or two in small glasses or mini-vases set amongs all the blacks, whites, greys, and beiges. It is very calming and restful. Lovely.

    1. Hi Jan! Yes, I SO agree. After I uploaded these photos I could see that something was missing (this is a nice thing about photography sometimes because it is like laying fresh eyes on the subject), and I added a small vase of pink hydrangeas from the yard. :D And I need a wide angle lens (sigh, someday).


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