Saturday, July 21, 2012

Designing a Teenage Boy's Room: Jay's Lounge

Hi Friends!  Well....whew....Jay's room has been completed!  Jay is our 16 year old, funky, artsy, techhyyyy son.  He had been living in a bedroom complete with bunkbeds from toddlerhood and a mishmash of other items.  His closet was made of hideous huge mirrored doors trimmed in fake brass, circa 1970.  While the doors did not really bother him, I very much wanted simple plain white sliding closet doors for this room that would blend with all the other six-panel doors in the house.

A few months back I posted my design ideas for Jay's room using Polyvore....

which were partially influenced by a little table I found at the Long Beach Antique Flea Market...

Anyway, here we are a few months later and I am finally finished with the room.  I decided against a freestanding desk, and instead designed a free-floating desk to accommodate Jay's computer, gaming, art, and homework needs.  The desk is stained in a dark ebony, and our very talented contractor fabricated the whole thing and installed some very cool brackets!  :)

A matching shelf holds sketchbooks and more art supplies. 

I like this industrial look for Jay's room.  :)

The sofa below was purchased from Overstock.  It is actually a futon that Jay can sleep on.  It is easy to move the "coffee table" out of the way to the side of the desk when needed since it is on wheels.

The walls are painted Dunn Edwards "Whisper" below the chair-rail, and Ben Moore "Grey Owl" above.  New thicker baseboard mouldings were added as well.  The entire house is now uniform with these mouldings and I cannot tell you how happy this simple detail makes me.  :D

Of course, his art is not my style, but at least he agreed to place his posters in frames.  A whiteboard comes in handy for making lists and hanging his sketches...

The new closet doors are seen below (old doors were given away via Craigslist)....this huge window is largely responsible for all the glare in my photos today!  Argh.

We retained his bookcase and dresser/mirror set and I think they blend in great with the other pieces.

Of course, he liked the can of coke in my little Polyvore design board here's that element.  :)

Overall I would say that using Polyvore actually helped me plan this little space because Jay could see the plan for the space.  I was able to pull some elements together with his input and tweak it until it seemed about right.  Of course, the room turned out a bit different, but it really was a good starting point.  Polyvore is free and you certainly do NOT need to be any kind of expert or designer to use it so I would encourage anyone to check it out (if you haven't already!).

Jay can easily take these pieces with him when it is time to move out....the desk can be reinstalled or left for us to use his room as an office.

Thanks for coming on this little tour! 



  1. What a great design Steph! You are so right...the industrial parts of the desk are fabulous! The room is so perfect for a teenage boy! Hope your week is wonderful! Angie xo

  2. Great room! Thanks for the inspiration for my boy. he is 16 now too and his room looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs' dressing room :( I will be sharing this with him to get some hard-to-pry-out-of-him feedback :) That table is awesome.

  3. WOW, I would like this room!

  4. looks great, perfect hang out space for a teen boy and friends!

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  6. This is cool!! I am hosting a Giveaway to win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you stopped by and entered. Thanks Anu

  7. Great job - I love that you included his favorite things. Thanks for linking up!


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