Monday, July 9, 2012

Powder Room Update

Hi Friends!  Yes, I have been busy this year with home improvement projects.  To be brutally honest, I am trying to get a few important home projects accomplished before older son goes off to college and I have fewer funds with which to work!  All three bathrooms in our home have had plumbing issues of one type or another and I am happy to report that all three have been completely repaired and updated.  :)  That makes me feel good, and they should be in good shape for a very long time to come.

When we renovated the master bathroom there was extra beadboard I had it installed in our powder room (I mean, really....why waste it???):

New lighting from the Martha Stewart collection at Home Depot.  Mirror from Lowe's.  The sink, vanity, countertop and faucet all stayed the same, though I did swap out the vanity pulls and knobs.  :)

Towel rack (and roll paper holder not shown) also from Martha Stewart/Home Depot...

The little table below was on sale for $17, and I like how the tans and grays of the slate top blend in.

The real reason the powder room was updated was because the flooring was absolutely horrible.  I don't even want to look to see if I own a photo of it....but it was a horrible ceramic tile with multiple grout attempts and shades and just a disgusting color to boot!

I did not want any grout lines in this new flooring because this is sort of a pass-through area from our garage (on one side is our laundry area, and on the other side is this little bathroom).

Below is a close-up of the flooring (very cute rug from Target):

The flooring is called Allure from the Home Depot.  It is a vinyl made to look like wood.  We also used it in our boys bathroom and have been very happy with it (it is also extremely affordable and easy/quick to install).

I am not sure why but my Humble Laundry Room post is one of the most frequently viewed on my blog.  I do believe there is a picture of the very ugly flooring that I have been talking about in that post.  Anyway, since the laundry area joins this powder room space, the Allure flooring was run through the laundry as well.

And nice, thick new baseboards were added.  :)

Below is a photo of the laundry room pass through floor area complete with a new runner rug, also from Target.  

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour!



  1. I had to stop by and ask if you can
    tell me the color you painted the walls
    in your master bath.. looks beautiful!
    you did a great job with all the redos!
    All my kids are off on their own now and
    I understand your saying the money will
    be tight once they go to college. All
    three are now doing life and a great job
    I might add.
    enjoyed your post

    1. Hi Sandy! This will be my first child (the eldest) off to college. Thanks for the encouragement. The wall color in the Master Bath is Old Prarie by Ben Moore. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Good plan to get the big jobs done before the college bills start coming in. Allure flooring is the greatest invention since sliced bread! ~ Maureen

  3. Great job! Love the floor! I have the same chalk topiary that you have, and use mine in the master bath!

  4. Oh it looks wonderful. Beautiful accessories and the new rug is gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. It's lovely! I especially like the rug!

  6. Nicely done, Steph! I love that runner. I know what you mean about college and getting things done! While my son was on summer break I decided to get the new headboard for the guest room and this month I'll be getting the mirror frame for the bathroom mirror. I was glad to get those two purchases for the Summer before he starts up again as do those monthly tuition payments!

    Visiting from WUW : )


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