Monday, July 2, 2012

Trash to Treasure: Bar Cart Makeover

Hi Friends.  Today I thought I would show a before and after.  :)  A couple of months ago, my older son and I went to the Long Beach Antique Flea Market, where I spotted a circa 1980s bar cart.  One too many old flicks influenced me long, long ago that I needed one of these "martini" carts in my life.  In fact, I recall asking my husband when we were furnishing one of our first rental spaces if I could, in fact, have one....but as I recall, he felt the money was better spent elsewhere.  ;)  That was long ago.  So when I spotted this little cart for mere dollars at the Flea Market, I scooped it up.  Here it is in it's brassy (not real brass, actually!) 1980s glory:

I lived with it in our dining room for a while and could not decide whether or not I loved or hated it, even though the idea of this cart very much appealed to me.  :)

So this past weekend, I decided to give it a little bit of new life. 

First I spray painted it with some leftover spray paint, but it ended up looking too industrial for me.  So for about $10 I picked up some pretty silver craft paint, and hand painted it free hand.  I cleaned up the glass shelves really well and then just for fun styled it with things I had around the house (and to practice my photography a bit!).

Here it is all painted up and styled as a real bar cart (we barely drink so finding props for this one was a bit problematic!):

The photo below reminds me of one of the gray, sultry days of The Great Gatsby.

Next up, I styled it as a coffee cart.  Much more my speed.  :D

Finally, I did a little summer twist on the cart, just for fun:

Hydrangeas from my yard...

Right now it is simply storing some platters and a basket with silver napkin rings in my dining room.  I also rearranged the art in the dining room and recovered my dining chairs with an upholstery fabric that I found for $2 a yard!!!!  I will post those photos soon.

Thanks for visiting.  Have you ever done a "trash to treasure" type of project?  I would love to hear.  :D



  1. I love your cart! Years ago I had a wooden one with teacups, teapot, etc. We sold it in yardsale! Some day I'm going to get another one when I find the perfect one. A similar story yours and mine. (sigh). Yours turned out so nice and versatile!


  2. I have almost the same cart on my deck and have been using it for my tea blogs. But my daughter in law was asking me what was I doing with tacky shiny brass. I rather like it, but it doesn't match, so glad to see what you have done, I will be making a change. Thank you for sharing...

  3. Oh I love your cart. I always wanted one of those too, something so romantic about them. Love how you have styled yours so many different ways. Great makeover. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Love this! This can be used for so many things!

  5. I love the transformation! Honestly I liked the Gold too :) Great work there Steph.

  6. Your transformation made all the difference and I love all the looks you gave it by changing out the "characters". I look forward to the day I can visit that Long Beach market! Ann

  7. It's beautiful and I love how light filled it is under the window. Pretty anywhere and the best thing is you can move it where you need it. Good job on the makeover of it and yes I do remember the brass of the 80s. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  8. wow what a is adorable too. Looks soooo much better and love the Summery look. Mica @ The Child's Paper

  9. I love it and it looks like you had a lot of fun with it...Connie


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