Monday, August 20, 2012

My Minimalist Son and College

Hello Friends!  A couple months back, I shared about longing for a Minimalist Closet and to that end began de-thugging my own closet and joining Project 333 (that is the Project's Pinterest Community Board...for more info click here which will take you to  I am still working on it.  :)

and then...  

Last week we took our eldest son off to his (beautiful) college destination.  The size of his dorm room would have mortified the average teenager in our hometown, no doubt (particularly a female!), but he ended up with lots of space to spare.  How?  Because he is a total minimalist.  

His closet is below....the drawer unit is actually fixed in the closet and houses everything from his socks to workout clothes and clean towels...there is a lot of room in those drawers still!

The little basket atop the dresser houses his toiletries (yes, there is some plastic there, sadly!) and the two containers on the uppermost shelf are actually empty!   One of those containers is actually his trash receptacle.  He also has a recycling receptacle and that one is on the floor near his desk.

Four pairs of shoes include hiking boots, running shoes, regular tennis shoes and the flipflops that he was wearing.  Most of the time he is only in flipflops, but that will change with the weather.  :)

This son is the ultimate in reuse-recycle.  For example, his bath towels were former residents of the boys' bathroom  prior to it's makeover.  I only purchased a new set of washcloths for him for college.  And the bedspread had previously found it's home in our Guest Bedroom prior to it's black and white prettiness.  I had saved it to become a picnic blanket one day but never used it.  The bedspread is actually meant for a full-sized bed but when I asked him if he wanted it hemmed his response was a simple "no, don't bother-it will be fine."  I am glad it was a bit wide, actually, because his bed is raised to accommodate more storage underneath and it hides the ugly boxes he insisted on keeping for moving back after the school year (I mean, why recycle the boxes only to need them again?)!

On the desk side, there is more than enough room for his books, lamp, computer and other supplies.  Next to the desk, is another office-like file cabinet upon which rests his printer, reusable mugs/bottles and water heater for tea.

I guess I should mention that he plans to study Environmental Science.  :D

I love the view from the front of the dorms:

He did not want a microwave or mini-fridge (these are in the lounge anyway should he need them) since he is eating on campus for his meals, and did not bring a TV or gaming system.  The campus is super hilly and fairly contained, so he did not wish to bring a bike.  These things may change, but again, he is a minimalist.  His room was a nice respite from the other dorm rooms that we saw which were so crowded with far too much STUFF!

Within four days he had done one load of laundry.  This is what happens when you don't have a ton of clothes.  :)

If you are interested in helping your child become more minimalist, there are some great tips here:

I am working on son #2.  :)  My husband has always been extremely green, but I only joined this awesome way of thinking a few years ago and still need improvement.  To read about the changes we have made so far please click here.  While it may seem that GREEN and MINIMALISM do not go hand in hand, if you begin to practice zero waste, you will see that they actually do.  :)

Here are a few more images from the college trip just for fun:


Not a bad place to study!



  1. Awesome and it looks like a super nice place to go to school!

  2. What a beautiful campus! Thanks for sharing on the tt&j link party:)



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