Saturday, October 6, 2012

Harvest Time

Hello and Happy Fall!  We are finally blessed with temperatures in the 80s, having experienced far too much heat in SoCal this "fall."
Since I purchase a CSA box each week for our produce, I usually do not frequent the farmer's market near our home.  However, I ventured out with the camera to see what was shaking there this weekend and came home with a boatload of amazing produce and some flowers.  I shot most of these images very quickly and I see that I am out of practice, but I wanted to share them nonetheless, as well as a Harvest Cake that I made.
Here is some of what I saw:



The flowers were too hard to resist, but I only bought a small bouquet...

I loved the sunflowers, but I brought home roses for some odd reason instead!  :)


I don't usually look at the crafts much, but I went ga-ga over these amazing baskets and totes and would love one of the square ones that can be attached to the front of a bike (I still need a bike of the non-racing variety!):
OK, now on to the Harvest Cake.  Here she is:

The cake is made from almond flour, carrots, honey, zucchini and apples and the frosting is made from raw cashews, vanilla and honey.  I changed the recipe slightly to make it vegan, but you may find it here:  Roost.  I used coconut oil and egg substitute for the cake portion instead of butter and eggs, and I used vanilla extract for the frosting because I did not have a vanilla bean on hand.  When I make this cake again, I think I will skip the frosting and make the cake a bit sweeter on it's own with a bit more honey.  Overall, the cake was moist and very tasty (and healthy)!   Let me know if you try it!



  1. These are terrific photos and the cake looks yummy.

  2. I'm walking a slow path to VEGAN so am grateful for the good recipe and also discovering the roost blog. Gorgeous photos on this post; I wish I had a Farmers Market in my area. I'm here in SoCal as well and I think it's sad to be in an agricultural locale yet find produce in my market from foreign imports. This isn't helping my local tax base, farmers, carbon footprint, diet, etc. The most-near CSAs are not near enough to be worth it. We tried a weekly delivery at my husband's workplace but he has an hour commute; by the time the farmers got it to his building to when he was alerted it had arrived, then the wait time of non-refrigeration til he could make the drive home, the produce was wilted and there was too much waste; frankly, it was too far gone even after we got smart and used a picnic hamper/cooler (with ice). Guess you could say we tried, for the environment and for our own health. I found myself stuck with food items which also did not appeal to us...I'm not very creative with I know I would prefer a Farmers Market (and option to choose in terms of purchasing) were it not so far in another city. In the meantime, a girl can drooling over your colorful images!


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